The posture of the Hotel Ponta do Madeiro understands the respect and fulfillment of the premise of sustainable development and environmental and cultural conservation according to the practices and actions correlated below:




Environmental & social institutions:


Tamar project;

Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa;

Code of Conduct for Tourism against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth;


* Ponta do Madeiro reiterates its adherence to these principles, repudiating all forms of sex tourism


Social institutions and projects supported by the Hotel


Feed yourself well (Reuse of food with lectures given in needy communities of the municipality in partnership with nutritionists).


Gastronomic and Cultural Festival of Pipa;


FlipAut - Pipa's Alternative Literary Festival;


Fest Bossa & Jazz.


“O Sucesso de uma empresa não consiste apenas na venda de um bom produto, mas também em seus conceitos, principalmente quando praticados".

Hotel Ponta do Madeiro